Not only in the festive situations, but life also shows unfortunate moments like a funeral for which you have to gather a lot of crowds and invite all the near and dear ones associated with the departed soul. Our website also presents a wide range of funeral invitation templates. You can choose from many samples and decide for yourself the desired template you wish to associate with the invitation card. Our website will provide you with proper formats needed for a proper invitation card.

Funeral invitations are customarily designed as keepsakes of a loved one’s passing. They give details of an upcoming funeral, memorial service or Celebration of Life ceremony. They can also give specifics about visitations, wakes, burials, religious ceremonies or rituals.  Although concise, funeral invitations are readable, simple and free from distracting details.

You can use funeral invitation templates to create memorial cards, bookmarks and prayer cards.  Using a template can simplify the process of creating your own designs and layouts.  Templates come in a variety of applications including Microsoft Word and Publisher.

While you may have a limit to the type of details included in a funeral invitation, your choices of styles are greater. Two of the more popular styles of invitations are bifold cards and flat. Both have distinguishing features and characteristics, yet are simple and formal enough for use as a formal invitation. 

Bifold Memorial Cards: This versatile style of card is for funeral invitations, thank you notes and announcements. You can download a template from professional designers such as Elegant Memorials and alter the text, colors, and images as you see fit. By going this route, you can personalize the invitation to include exactly what you want.

Flat Cards:  Flat cards are very simple and elegant.  It has a front cover and back.  These cards can be used as funeral invitations or funeral announcements.

Both styles of funeral invitations are acceptable. In some instances, the formal announcement consists of a double-sided, full-color postcard, which is also appropriate.

When downloading a card or announcement template, you will have plenty of room to put in the typical information such as name, dates of birth and death, time and place of funeral service and location of funeral home and cemetery. The wording of this text is straightforward and not too difficult to acquire and add to the invitation or announcement. Make sure to proofread for errors. The rest of the text that you can add to a funeral or memorial announcement or invitation is subjective. You can include a favorite poem, prayer or Bible verse, as well as a personal note from the family. Images are optional, but they do add a fine touch to the card.

At a difficult time of grieving, it helps to remember the impact of our loved one in our family and in the lives of their friends and colleagues. A Memorial Announcement encapsulates the love and affection we have for them and expresses how much we valued the time we had together.