Bible Verses and Funeral Poems

Whether death comes as a surprise or is long awaited, but we will all experience it sometime. Not every death is followed by a funeral. Sometimes people just have a gathering or a wake if you will. When this happens often there are some funeral readings prepared. Some from the bible or some may be in the form of funeral poems. Sometimes they are just written work the guest have authored themselves.

If you decided to write your feelings down and read them aloud, it may be a good way to express yourself. Writing down how you feel is not always an easy task. It may help you to read some of what others have had to say in the past about death, dying and grief. All you would need to do is search the bible or go online and look up grief verses and poems. You will find all kinds of results.

Read a few or a lot. I am sure you will find some inspiration. If you are insecure about writing something and then having to read out loud then ask a friend to help you practice. Remember that you are not reading this for critics but for your family and friends who are also in grief.

Writing something is not really for everyone. So feel free to not only take inspiration from poetry or bible verses, read one or two out loud for your reading. Whatever you choose everyone will appreciate your efforts. Most people will be proud that you were able to get up and read something at all.

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